Prework - Ops 201: Foundations of Computer Operations

This is the mandatory prework for Ops 201. When this course nears its start date, you will be invited to our online class portal, called Canvas, where you can confirm that you’ve completed this prework and claim credit.

Start on the prework as soon as you can and be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to complete it.

Note: All prework is due before start of first class

Ops Lab Kit

If you are testing in, and don’t yet have an Ops Lab Kit, ensure you get one delivered in time for the start of class.

Complete Prework Assignments

  1. Create a Reading Notes Repo
  2. Git Practice
  3. Prep: Setup Your Accounts
  4. Prep: Setup Your AWS Account
  5. AI and Prompt Engineering
  6. Setup Your Lab Environment
  7. Career: Professional Competency Self-Assessment
  8. Career: Emotional Intelligence
  9. Career: Update Your Resume
  10. Career: Prepare Your LinkedIn
  11. Career: Social Media
  12. Read the Career Coaching Overview
  13. Purchase Study Guide
  14. Purchase CompTIA ITF+ Voucher
  15. Schedule CompTIA ITF+ Exam once you have received your voucher.