Career Coaching Curriculum

This aspect of the curriculum will guide you through your career transition into tech.

Career Launch Strategy

To obtain employment, it is vital that you utilize all the tools at your disposal:

  1. Your professional pitch is ready
  2. You understand how to leverage the power of your network
  3. You research targeted companies to ace the interview
  4. Your materials are ready, reviewed, and polished
  5. And you show excellent professional competence

Each of your courses will focus on the importance of being a professional to prepare you for the job market.

Our curriculum was built in collaboration with industry partners, who are committed to bringing people from all backgrounds into the tech workforce. They have shared with us the insider secrets and best practices of how to land a great job in tech. We have aggregated and synthesized this knowledge into a guide to attaining employment, with step by step assignments utilizing internal and external resources, in parallel with your technical training.

You are expected to complete these assignments weekly. Each assignment is graded, and together all Career Coaching assignments make up 10% of your overall course grade. Although your submissions will be graded, the most important goal is for you to be prepared to meet potential employers and get hired.

Note: The 201 and 301-level assignments are built to prepare you for the 401 in-class instruction to maximize the experience while prepping you for the job market.

The Seven Pillars of Career Coaching

Career Coaching covers these 7 interrelated areas of your professional growth:

  1. Professional etiquette:
    • Expected attitudes and behaviors in a professional setting
  2. Professional pitch:
    • Knowing how to talk about yourself to those in the industry to maximize opportunities
  3. Creating a network:
    • 85% of jobs are filled from employers personal networks
  4. Job search readiness:
    • Understanding the process by which jobs are attained, in the tech industry
  5. Targeted job search:
    • Executing your plan and focusing your energy on attaining the best position for you
  6. Professional materials:
    • Polished resume and a thoughtful online presence will unlock the best opportunities
  7. Behavioral interview questions:
    • Summarizing your previous experience to show your preparedness for your next job

Career Coaching Syllabi

Each course has a detailed sequence of assignments to help you develop across all of the above areas.

  1. 201 Career Coaching Syllabus
  2. 301 Career Coaching Syllabus
  3. 401 Career Coaching Syllabus