Prework for Code 301: Intermediate Software Development

Welcome to Code 301!

To get your laptop and yourself ready for the start of Code 301, there are a series of prework tasks to complete.

Before completing the tasks in this document, ensure that you have completed all of the computer setup tasks in the Code 201 Prework.

In particular, if you have tested in to Code 301 and did not take Code 201, be especially attentive to the git and GitHub portion of the Code 201 prework. Note that your future classmates who took 201 will already have a few weeks of practice using git and GitHub; it is a common area of challenge in 301 for students who tested in to the course.

Note that the tasks below have a corresponding assignment to submit in your Canvas course, but be aware that at the time you receive the link to this prework that the Canvas course will not yet be published. Because of Admissions processes and when classes begin and end, Canvas courses are typically published 3-5 days before class begins.


Please Complete:

  1. Dive into React
  2. Setup Your Laptop for Code 301
  3. Learn ES6 Arrow Functions in JavaScript
  4. Learn ES6 Classes in JavaScript
  5. Learn Prompt Engineering Basics
  6. Read 01 - Introduction to React and Components
  7. Practice with CSS Diner
  8. Practice with Chocolate Pizza
  9. Prepare for building your own portfolio
  10. Setup Your Accounts
  11. Setup Your Reading Notes Repo
  12. Career Coaching Status Report
  13. Review Professional Etiquette
  14. Explore Behavioral Interview Questions
  15. Practice your Professional Pitch
  16. Update Your Resume

Please Read