Create a Reading Notes Repo

If you don’t already have one, create a reading-notes repository on GitHub, where you can keep track of your observations and questions from the reading assignments throughout your course.

Think of it as a way to document and highlight your new knowledge. Publish it with GitHub pages, so it becomes a live web site.

Setup and Documentation

Use these resources to get going:


  1. If you have previously created this repo for another class, double-check to ensure it follows all guidelines here.
  2. Your site should exist at
  3. The “source” for your site should be a file, written with Markdown
  4. On the main page:
    • Include a level-1 heading titled Reading Notes
    • Include a description of what this web site is about
    • Include a level-2 heading for each course, ie:
      • Code 102 - Intro to Software Development
      • Code 201 - Foundations of Software Development
      • Code 301 - Intermediate Software Development
      • Code 401 - Advanced Software Development
  5. Utilize at least 5 different features of Markdown to structure your page

Submission Instructions

Submit the link to your reading notes repo, even if you have already done so for a previous class. Your grader will verify it is set up correctly for this course.