401 Status Report

Graduation is around the corner… how are you doing with your career launch preparations so far?

Give us an update on where you are by looking over the materials you’ve already built out in prior classes and upload the previously created links ensuring that you are ready for the 401 Career Coaching. If any doc is missing, now is the time to complete them.

Test-ins: For those who have not completed the list below (maybe you have tested-in) take the time to complete the assignments and upload the links to be current with the rest of the class and fully prepared for the 401 Career Coaching.


Make sure that each assignment has been completed to prepare you for this course’s advanced level of Career Coaching.

Share your progress, as direct links or shared Google Doc URLs. Copy the list below into your submission response, and replace “URL” with a link to your work on each item:

  1. Update your resume: URL
  2. LinkedIn: URL
  3. GitHub: URL
  4. Social Media: URL
  5. Behavioral questions: URL
  6. Networking event opportunities: URL
  7. Target companies: URL
  8. Professional Pitch: URL

TA’s will be grading you on properly submitting your materials and on your preparedness for the Career Coaching Workshops.