Resume: Update your Projects

Update or confirm your resume is up to date with your past education and work experience as well as any and all projects you have completed so far.

Confirm you have completed all prior assignments with your resume before continuing:

  1. Connect your resume to your LMS Account
  2. Update your education & experience
  3. Add your projects


Update the following sections of your resume:

  1. Projects: Add your team project from 301.
  2. Education: Confirm your selected 401 is up to date in the education section with the correct graduation month/year.
  3. Skills and Tools: Update your proficient technologies and languages from what you learned in 301.

Review everything for quality. Use this example resume as a guide.


  1. Download your resume as a PDF.
  2. Upload the PDF as your assignment submission here.

Allocate 45 minutes for this assignment.

The TAs will grade based on the completion of your projects and technologies section within the submitted PDF.