Computer Setup Instructions

Whether you are starting class, needing to set up a new system, or re-install proper config on an existing system, these steps will walk you through how to prepare your computer for technical coursework.

This setup should be done in a single session. Please allow a minimum of 1 hour to complete.

You do not need to understand what is happening in each step of this process. Getting everything configured correctly is a vital step that will allow you to use the technologies required throughout the curriculum.

NOTE: During this process, you will be required to download a few files. For this setup process please right-click on links to open in a new tab when asked to download and install. This is so you don’t lose your place.

Get started by selecting the appropriate starting point below.

Software Development Courses

Begin by selecting your operating system:

Ops and Cybersecurity Courses

Errors and Troubleshooting

If ever you encounter an error or unexplained activity, please consult the error documentation