Setup Your Lab Environment


Your primary computer (that you Zoom into class with) must meet minimum hardware specifications as outlined on the course website under “Laptop Requirements.”


Personal Computer

On the personal computer that you’ll be attending class with:

Cyber Range on your Lab Computer

The following instructions detail Ubuntu software setup operations performed in Ops 102. If you successfully set up your cyber range in a previous class, disregard this section. The objective of Ops 102 was to introduce non-computer users to the basics of computer operations by standing up a Ubuntu Linux lab PC that will act as a dedication VirtualBox server for use during the overall Ops program moving forward. A “cyber range” like this allow you to simulate aggressive security operations while abiding by industry-accepted standards of conduct such as the ISC2 Code of Ethics.

On the lab kit PC that you received from Code Fellows:

When you have finished the lab setup script, you’ll have some basic software, including VirtualBox, that will be used throughout the Ops program.

Lab System Operations

Next up, we need to make the lab computer accessible remotely from our personal Zoom computer.

Once you can connect to the lab computer via SSH, RDP, SCP, and can create virtual machines in VirtualBox, you’re all caught up.

Windows 10 VM

Your final task is to create a Windows 10 VM in VirtualBox on the Ubuntu PC.

Once you have a Windows 10 VM deployed, you’re all caught up with Ops 102 grads. If you are an Ops 102 grad, indicate in your submission doc that you have reviewed these requirements and your systems configuration meets them.

Submission Instructions

  1. Create a new blank Google Doc. Include above assignment submission text and images within this Google Doc.
  2. Name the document according to your course code and assignment.
    • i.e. seattle-ops-201d1: Reading 01 or seattle-ops-201d1: Lab 04.
  3. Add your name & date at the top of the Google Doc.
  4. Share your Google Doc so that “Anyone with the link can view”.
  5. Paste the link to your Google Doc in the discussion field below and share an observation from your experience in this lab including how long this lab took to complete.