Confirm Slack, GitHub, and Canvas Setup

Whether you’re starting in 102 or you’ve tested into 401, let’s confirm your accounts are ready for success! Take a moment to create consistent profiles for Canvas, GitHub, and Slack. Then introduce yourself in your new class-specific Slack channel.

Profile Picture

You will need a photograph of your lovely face. Not your cat, pet llama, a Klingon. Not a cartoon or bitmoji. Add a nice head-shot so that we can learn your name faster and give you better feedback on assignments. Your profile picture should be identical across Canvas, GitHub, and Slack.

Get Familiar with Your Online Tools

Canvas is an essential part of your online learning experience, and lets you submit and track all assignments.

GitHub is the online place to store your code using the Git version control system.

Slack is a nice chat program that will let you communicate directly with classmates, instructors, and TAs.

Canvas Setup

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with Canvas. Start by watching this Canvas overview video (5 min). Pro Tip: Then just poke around and explore a little.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, there are a few key settings that are important for you to adjust right away.

  1. In the nav column at the left, click Account. Open the Settings page from there. Then, click on the Edit Settings button on the right. Make sure your timezone is set correctly.

  2. Add your complete name, and other full contact information. Please include backup email (if you have one), and a phone number (useful in case of emergency).

  3. Add your profile picture. Remember, use the same image as GitHub and Slack!

  4. Click on Notifications and make sure everything is set to ASAP. Because of the compressed time frame of this course we’ve found this is the best way to ensure you get notice of changes.

GitHub Setup

If you already have a GitHub account, Great! Complete any remaining steps.

  1. Go to Sign up for a free account.
  2. Let us know a bit about about yourself by setting up your profile section.
  3. Add your profile picture. Remember, use the same image as Canvas and Slack!

Pro Tip: Keep GitHub Presentable

Make sure you are following best practices with your GitHub account to impress any potential employers who view it.

Follow this individual workshop to learn the expectations for your account.

Share a link to your profile, and invite your classmates to “star” your best repos, or follow you if they’d like.

Slack Setup

Use the link below to go to the class Slack Workspace and configure your account along with your same profile picture, if you haven’t already.

  1. Send a message in your class Slack channel with a brief introduction.
    • You can find your class channel under Channels in the sidebar
    • Your class channel will have the same name as the code for your class
    • In your intro message be sure to include A) your name, B) your background, C) your computer operating system version number, and D) why you are excited for this class.
  2. Explore the other channels that are available, and feel free to join and participate in any others that look interesting to you.
  3. Slack offers both desktop and mobile application versions. Once your account is configured, download and install both of those, too.


Submission Instructions

Once you setup your accounts, leave a message in the submission field for this assignment with your personal introduction (and pronoun) to the instructional team along with the URL to your github profile page.

See you in Canvas, GitHub, and Slack; and see you in class soon!