Schedule Your Certification Exam

The curriculum of Ops 201 is aligned to the learning objectives of the CompTIA ITF+ certification (and a lot of A+ as well). Earning this certification demonstrates foundational knowledge of computer operations and support. For this prework assignment, you’ll purchase a voucher and schedule your CompTIA ITF+ exam to be taken at the end of the course.

If your funding source doesn’t support 3rd-party certifications, discuss an alternative with your instructor.



At the end of this course, you will submit your final grade on the ITF+ exam.

Submission Instructions

  1. Create a new blank Google Doc. Include above assignment submission text and images within this Google Doc.
  2. Name the document according to your course code and assignment.
    • i.e. seattle-ops-201d1: Reading 01 or seattle-ops-201d1: Lab 04.
  3. Add your name & date at the top of the Google Doc.
  4. Share your Google Doc so that “Anyone with the link can view”.
  5. Paste the link to your Google Doc in the discussion field below and share an observation from your experience in this lab including how long this lab took to complete.