SQL Practice


This prework will introduce you to some of the more common SQL statements and query techniques, allowing you to practice visualizing and querying a relational database.

  1. Read SQL Database Tutorial for Beginners, which is an excellent introduction to SQL and relational databases.
  2. Practice running common SQL commands using the following SQL Bolt tutorials.
    • Lessons 1 through 6 - SQL Queries
    • Lessons 13 through 18 - Database Management

For each of the tutorial sections:

  1. Read the guidance.
  2. Complete the exercises.
  3. Capture a screen shot of the completed task list.

Submitting Your Work

When you are finished with all of the lessons, create a new entry in your reading notes repository summarizing your understanding of relational databases and SQL. Include all of your screen shots in this page.

Submit a link to your rendered notes page.