SQL Practice


This prework will introduce you to some of the more common SQL statements and query techniques, allowing you to practice visualizing and querying a relational database.

  1. Download the free e-book, Learn SQL, which is an excellent introduction to SQL and relational databases.
    • Skim the book.
    • Save this for later reference.
  2. Practice running common SQL commands using the following SQL Bolt tutorials.
    • Lessons 1 through 6 - SQL Queries
    • Lessons 13 through 18 - Database Management

For each of the tutorial sections:

  1. Read the guidance.
  2. Complete the exercises.
  3. Capture a screen shot of the completed task list.

Submitting Your Work

When you are finished with all of the lessons, create a new entry in your reading notes repository summarizing your understanding of relational databases and SQL. Include all of your screen shots in this page.

Submit a link to your rendered notes page.