Professional Competency Self-Assessment

Why it matters

We have worked with our partner companies to compile a comprehensive list of competencies (and the proficiencies they are composed of) desired candidates.

Learn and understand the terms from the master list of competencies below.

As a professional you are expected to show our staff and potential employers the ability to exercise these professional competencies and proficiencies. Employers want excellence - not casual. Lacking in these areas is the number one obstacle to getting hired quickly.

You will evaluate yourself on these competencies and proficiencies during each course. You will also receive feedback from your instructor on both your strengths, and areas that need improvement, in efforts to support your journey to land a job in tech.

Assignment (Two Parts)

Part 1

Complete the professionalism self-assessment form now with the link below. As you consider each of the proficiencies, keep notes on your top three strengths and top three areas for growth. Type your notes in a temporary document for reference. After you submit this form, you will not be able to access your responses.

Part 2

Copy your top strengths and top areas for growth here in Canvas. Click the blue Submit Assignment button at the top. A text field will drop down at the bottom of the page where you can paste your notes of your proficiencies, then submit to complete this assignment.

As a reference, see definitions of the proficiencies.

Allocate 30 minutes to this assignment

TA’s will be grading you on your self-reflection, looking for thoughtful analysis of the improvements you are working on for your top three and bottom three competencies.