Professional Etiquette & Analysis

Your strengths are your biggest assets. Being able to identify them to drive your value in the interview process is what separates you from other potential hires. Equally important is knowing your weaknesses and how they impact others. This allows the interviewer to see that you are self-aware.


Complete the self-assessment form now with the link below. If you’ve done this before, try to look at each item with fresh eyes, not necessarily just plugging in the same answers as last time. Consider how you’ve grown over recent weeks and months!

As a reference, see definitions of the proficiencies.


The key to growth is to break down each area to increase your emotional intelligence and take ownership of yourself. Write a summary about the ways you plan to make professional improvements to leverage your top three and strengthen your bottom three competencies from your self-assessment. Incorporate any previous instructor feedback. Write your summary in a Google doc (giving anyone with the URL “comment” access), and submit the doc URL.

Allocate 30 minutes to this assignment

TA’s will be grading you on your submitted doc URL, looking for thoughtful analysis of the improvements you are working on for your top three and bottom three competencies.