Install Node and Supporting Packages

Install NVM & Node

Node Version Manager

  1. Follow the installation instructions in the repo README, under the “Git Install” section.
    • This will create the directory ~/.nvm and install nvm into it.
    • run ls -a ~/ and look for the .nvm directory
  2. Follow the instructions under the “Usage” section to install Node, and ensure setup is correct.
    • Run nvm install node to install the latest version of Node.
    • You can run nvm ls to see all the versions of Node you have installed. The one that is currently “active” (i.e. the one that will run when you type a command beginning with node on your command line) will have an arrow -> in front of it. Make sure the arrow points to the latest version of Node by typing nvm use node.

Install global node modules

Uninstall other globally installed packages

Submitting This Assignment

Submit a screen shot showing the output of the following commands, run from your terminal

nvm --version
which node; node --version
which nodemon; nodemon --version
which json-server; json-server --version
which live-server; live-server --version
which jest;
which eslint;