LAB: ES6 Classes

In this lab, you will be doing your first “refactoring”, which the process of migrating working code into a new methodology or tech stack. Today, you’ll migrate a standard constructor function exported from a node module into a Class, keeping the functionality (and the interface) exactly the same.

Getting Started

Fork the Online REPL for this assignment. Complete your work in the online editor


Implementation Details

When running this REPL, you will see that there is some output that will show you that a Car and Motorcycle can be created properly using a Constructor Function and Prototype methods.

However, the Vehicles via ES6 Classes will cause errors, as it has not yet been implemented.

Your work will be done in the vehicles-with-classes.js file, which is setup to run the same methods on Car and Motorcycle classes as the “Constructor” version, with the expectation that you can produce identical output

Assignment Submission Instructions

Submit a link to your completed REPL