Prework: Computer Setup & Installation

Operating Systems

This course supports Mac, Ubuntu and Windows users. All users must use the standard setup for their system, as described in the Code 201 & 301 prework. In particuluar, if you use Windows, make sure you have the Windows Subsystem for Linux installed & set up as described in this guide.

Command Line Setup

For WSL users, please ensure that you’ve set up the WSL as described in the above guide. Also, please run sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata to pick your current timezone in Ubuntu.

Editors and IDEs

We’ll use a variety of text editors and IDEs to build our projects throughout this course. We use Visual Studio Code for light text editing, IntelliJ IDEA for pure-Java programs and Android Studio when we’re building Android applications. Additionally, you’ll need to make sure Java itself is installed, as well as Gradle, a build system for Java applications.

Download and install the following on your base OS:


For this assignment, turn in a screenshot of your terminal, where you’ve run the following commands in order. (You can copy-paste this entire chunk into your terminal.) If any of the output is different from the comment at the end of the line, then something has gone wrong in your installation, and you should reach out to your instructor for help.

Also turn in a screenshot in which you’ve opened IntelliJ.

mkdir setup-verification
cd setup-verification
gradle init --type java-library # should run some stuff and eventually give a success message
ls src/main/java # should say setup/ or depending on Gradle version
./gradlew test # should say that all tests pass
javac -version # should say a version number