Prework - Frontend Technologies


During the 401 ASP.NET course, we will be learning a great deal of C# and the .NET Core Framework, But we will also be making use of technologies related to web development that are not C#. A solid working knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS is important for any web developer.

Spend the time between now and the start of class sharpening your HTML/CSS/JS skills.


If you are a complete beginner, then may I suggest an account with either Treehouse or CodeAcademy . Once you are signed up, either site has a number of quality tutorials that cover HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Pick some, and work through them. Then pick the next in line and keep going. Spend some time each day working on this.

Another great resource for all of the above is FreeCodeCamp . Once you sign up for an account there, you should be able to work your way all the way through the Advanced Algorithm Scripting section of work. It does take time though, so pace yourself over several days/weeks.


  1. HTML & CSS Is Hard

Submitting Your Work

  1. Nothing is due for this portion of the prework. You are expected to know and understand how to use front end technologies.
  2. Many of the assignments, when we dive into the .NET Core framework, require the usage of frontend technologies. You are expected to make your projects “Client Ready”, which means it is visually appealing to anyone who is viewing your site (such as a future employer). This is an important part of Web Development.