Computer Setup

Below are the machine requirements for the class. Please read through them and confirm your machine is ready for day 1 of class.

  1. A Windows 10 64 bit OS is required. If you are on a Mac, you will need to either dual boot or use a Virtual Machine to run windows to complete the assignments in this class.
    • Mac Users - It is recommended that you allocate approx. 80 GBs of hard-drive space, and as much RAM as you can spare (4GB min). This should cover the Windows 10 OS, Visual Studio Community(with workloads), Databases, and assignments.
    • Make sure you have the Fall Creator’s Update installed.
    • The Fall Creator’s Update includes the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  2. Setup your Visual Studio Community Version and install .NET Core SDK
  3. Install Slack & Git
  4. Need a refresher on git?

We do not spend any time in class or lab time setting up personal machines, If you require assistance to set up you machine, schedule a time before the start of class with your instructor.

Submission Instructions

To submit this assignment, please run the following commands in your powershell terminal to confirm your .NET core SDK install dotnet --version. Record in Canvas the version that comes up. Confirm that it is at least 3.0.