Prework - Tutorials


Complete the tutorials below. These are designed to introduce you to C# and .NET. We will be using Visual Studio in class, so pay attention to the layout and structure of the IDE.

Start with the first tutorial listed, and work your way down the list. The ETA of each tutorial is listed next to each listing. Pay attention to what you are expected to turn in for each of the tutorials.

Challenge yourself. If the tutorial introduces a topic that you are not familiar with and you still have questions about the topic, pause and research. This course encourages and relies on self-research. You will learn best with what you discover on your own. .NET Core is a new technology, and C# is constantly changing with new updates. It is extremely important that you know and understand how learn from self-research and know how to apply that to your coding practices.

Microsoft Virtual Academy (ETA: ~4 Hours)

Follow along in the first 12 videos of the Microsoft Virtual Academy C# Fundamentals. Code along with Bob in Visual Studio, and take the assessments after every test.

.NET in the Browser (~90 min)

  1. In Browser Tutorial (~15 min)
    1. Intro
    2. Strings
    3. Variables
    4. String Interpolation
    5. Methods
    6. Collections
  2. Numbers in C# (~30 min)
    1. Explore integer math
    2. Explore order of operations
    3. Explore integer precision and limits
    4. Work with double type
    5. Work with fixed point types
  3. Branches and Loops (~40 min)
    1. Make decisions using the if statement
    2. make if and else work together
    3. Use loops to repeat operations
    4. Work with the for loop
    5. Combining branches and loops

Submitting Your Work

Use the above tutorials as well as resources to learn and understand the language. These tutorials will assist you in solving and completing the Coding challenges, and the lab on day one.