Prework - Readings & Videos


Read through the articles listed below and learn about C# and the .NET Core Framework. C# has gone through quite a few changes since its release in 2001. Spend a few minutes and read about the current state of C#, how it has evolved, and a brief introduction to the brand new .NET Core. We will be using .NET Core in the class and building sites with this new technology.

History of .NET and C# (~35 min)

  1. C# Version History (~10 min)
  2. .Net Core Guide (~10 min)

Tooling (~ 45 min)

It is important that you become familiar with what .NET is and the underlayings of the framework. Review the following videos and learn more about .NET and a few of it’s components.

  1. What is .NET
  2. What is a .NET Hello World App?
  3. Basic Debugging
  4. What is Managed Code
  5. What is the CLR

C# Language (~3 hours)

In addition to the framework and tooling, learn more about the language and how to use it.

  1. A tour of the C# language

  2. C# Arrays

    • Arrays as Objects
    • Single-Dimensional Arrays
    • Multidimensional Arrays
    • Jagged Arrays
    • Using foreach with Arrays
    • Passing Arrays as Arguments

Submitting Your Work

After completing the readings from above, complete the canvas discussion assignment by reflecting on each of the sections from above categories (History of C#, Tooling, and C# Language). Come up with 5 points from the content above and provide 2-3 sentences per point to explain what you learned.

In addition, use these readings as resources when completing the the technical quiz located in your canvcas course. This quiz will be a maximum of 2 attempts, and will be untimed.